Institute of Physical Organic Chemistry National Academy of Sciences

Scientific and scientific-technical activities of the institute aims to
National Academy of Sciences
National Academy of Sciences

  • research in chemistry and physical chemistry of specialty polymers, organic synthesis;
  • creation of drug substances on the basis of amino acids and their derivatives, biologically active compounds;
  • receipt, investigation and application of new substances and materials (membranes, fibrous sorbents, amino acids, catalysts, auxiliary materials);
  • development of materials and methods to protect the environment and human health
  • and corresponds to the priority areas of basic and applied research of the Republic of Belarus.


2019-02-28 - Traineeship admission-2018
Traineeship admission-2018

2018-11-19 - Traineeship admission-2018
Traineeship admission-2018

2018-06-18 - Traineeship admission-2018
Traineeship admission-2018


Vladimir I. Potkin, Nikolay A. Bumagin, Sergey K. Petkevich, Alexander S. Lyakhov, Dmitrii A. Rudakov, Michail V. Livantsov, Nikita E. Golantsov
5-(p-Tolyl)isoxazol-3-amine palladium (II) complex: preparation, structure and catalytic application in Suzuki-Miyaura reaction in water
The air and moisture stable square-planar trans-dichloro palladium (II) complex containing 5-(p-tolyl)isoxazol-3-amine ligand was synthesized and structurally characterized by single crystal X-ray diffraction.

A. A. Kavitskaya, I. D. Atamanenko, A. V. Bil’dyukevich and N. A. Klimenko
Separation characteristics and the state of water in ultrafiltration charged membranes modified by anionic SAS
We have investigated separation characteristics of experimental charged ultrafiltration membranes based on aromatic polyamide PA-100(+), PA-100(−), and membrane PA-10 modified by the solutions of sodium dodecylsulfate of various concentrations.


Institute of Physical Organic Chemistry National Academy of Sciences

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