Institute of Physical Organic Chemistry National Academy of Sciences

The history of chemical science in Belarus is inextricably linked with the Institute of Physical Organic Chemistry, National Academy of Sciences - Institute of Chemistry, the successor of the Belarusian Academy of Sciences, the decision on the establishment of which was issued December 18, 1929. Under the present name Institute works since 1959, after the division of the Institute of Chemistry at the Institute of Physical Organic Chemistry (IFOH) and the Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry. In 1974, based on the Department of Bioorganic Chemistry IFOH established the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry. In 1993, based on the Department of model systems IFOH was organized by Chemical Engineering Center, Academy of Sciences of Belarus. In 1998, the Department of Kinetics and Reactivity IFOH and Chemical Engineering Center were merged to form the Institute of Chemistry of New Materials of NAS of Belarus. Since 2008, the Institute of Physical Organic Chemistry has been part of the State Scientific and Production Amalgamation "Chemical Products and Technology».
Significant contribution to the development of the Belarusian science of chemistry at the Institute have been working in different years, the Academy of Sciences of the BSSR V. Shkatelov, NA Prilezhayev, NS Kozlov, BV Erofeev, NF Ermolenko, MM . Pavlyuchenko, S. Lipatov, K. Korotkov, N. Mickiewicz, A. Akhrem, J. Paushkin, Corresponding Members of the Belorussian Academy of BM Shpentser, PI Belkevich, II Bardyshev, A. Ol'dekop, N. Meyer. The Institute of Physical Organic Chemistry, began scientific work academics and VE Agabekov Krutko NP, corresponding member of the NR Prokopcuka. Currently, the Institute successfully work Academician VS Soldatov, began scientific work academics and Bildyukevich, corresponding member of the VI Potkin. Today, the scientific profile of the Institute define the fundamental and applied research in chemistry and physical chemistry of polymers for special purposes, physical chemistry, ion exchange and extraction processes, organic synthesis of functionally substituted heterocyclic, aromatic and aliphatic compounds, microbiological synthesis of biologically active compounds, fibrous catalysts for various applications. Studies have focused on the development of technologies for obtaining and using new types of polymeric materials, drugs and biologically active substances for medicine and agriculture, high technology and export-import of materials.

In recent years the Institute carried out a set of studies to obtain and study the properties of new chemically active fibrous materials, the creation of devices using them for protection from corrosive chemical effects (respirators, chemical-masks, protective clothing). Scientific basis and pilot technology of combined fiber-based materials ionite fibers with unique sorption and catalytic properties. Developed highly efficient methods and systems for water and air purification from toxic and hazardous impurities using ion-exchange materials in different versions. Materials and devices based on chemically active fibers are supplied to industrial enterprises of the republic, are exported to Russia, Germany, Austria, South Korea and other countries. In the domestic and foreign markets sold 32.7 tons of ionite fibers FIBAN made a production sector of the Institute, for a total amount equivalent to more than 880 thousand U.S. dollars. On the basis of fundamental studies of the phase state of multicomponent polymer systems developed an original method for obtaining a mechanically stable hollow fiber ultrafiltration and microfiltration membranes reinforced. Organized small scale production of industrial membrane plants of various capacities and purpose. Based on the specified hardware components developed membrane processes for cleaning, sterilization and fractionation of solutions of biologically active substances, processing of dairy products, juices and wine clarification, wastewater and other fluids. Developed and installed in place of the membrane on an industrial scale for more than 50 enterprises of Belarus and CIS countries. Develop modern energy saving technologies and equipment for water in a large power system, based on capillary membranes and the catalytic water deaeration. The work will be completed by the creation and implementation of automated industrial plants water treatment. Tests have shown that the use of membrane technology without any additional treatments significantly (up to 200 times) to reduce reagent consumption compared to existing schemes of water treatment, as well as provide higher quality treatment irrespective of seasonal fluctuations in temperature and composition of source water.
Work on the creation of specialized equipment for the industrial production of ion-exchange fibrous materials and catalysts based on them.
According to the results of basic research in the field of ion-exchange extraction and biosynthesis, which inspired the creation of original technology of obtaining high-purity amino acids, was commissioned Grodno plant medicines. Worked at the plant technology for L-valine, L-Leucine, L-isoleucine, L-arginine, L-tryptophan, L-threonine, L-phenylalanine, L-proline, produced experimental batches of drug substances. Developed and come into the pharmacy network drugs for various therapeutic purposes, "Asparkam", "teturam" immunomodulatory agent "Tablets of leucine," hepatoprotective drug "capsule tavamina" anti-drug agent "tryptophan capsules", and antiplatelet agent angioprotective "Aspargit." Clinical trials nootropics "Capsules neyramina" means of metabolic therapy postischemic disturbances "Kardinozin" anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent "Atseprol" means for the correction of specific and nonspecific immunity "Leyargunal" cardioprotective agent "Lizargin." The methods of synthesis of some amino acid derivatives, promising as drug substances, methods of synthesis of binuclear complexes of cobalt - synthetic models of the fragments found in the active part of metalloenzymes responsible for various biochemical processes occurring in nature, the methodology of synthesis of a wide range of derivatives based on azageterotsiklicheskih ternary reaction condensation of aromatic amines, CH-acids and aldehydes of various structure.
Opened a new heterocyclization reaction azolilnyh nitrohlorbutadienov derivatives, leading to a previously inaccessible stable and functionally substituted benzazetinam naftazetinam of interest as promising synthons for organic synthesis and thin-film light-sensitive materials. Methods of preparation of polysubstituted isothiazolyl, having the properties of highly synergistic modern insecticides, allowing a few times to reduce the rates of consumption of drugs in the fight against the Colorado potato beetle.
The methods of chemical modification of the surface of the molded plastic products for the immobilization of biomolecules, the technology of fluorescent probes for quantitative genetic analysis and established carriers for enzyme immunoassay kits and analysis of a number of proteins. Developed reagents and flowsheets of synthesis of short DNA fragments (oligonucleotides) used as primers in polymerase chain reaction, the practical realization of which will fully satisfy the needs of the scientific and medical institutions of the republic.
In 2005, the Institute for the experimental-industrial production of biologically active technological food additives (potassium citrate, sodium citrate, calcium lactate, etc.) to meet the needs of the dairy and other industries (the main customer - JSC "Bellakt"). The volume of production additions in 2005-2009. amounted to 72.2 tons worth 842.9 million rubles. Begin production of a production batch selenomethionine - a convenient form of selenium in the income of the human body. On the basis of selenomethionine enterprise "Unitechprom BSU" reproductive-health/publications/ru/mec/index.htm selenium supplements for bread and bakery products, which eliminates the use of selenium deficiency in humans and reduce the risk of related diseases of immune, endocrine and cardiovascular systems.
Development of new hardware and technological schemes and devices designed for the production of fertilizers, including those for involvement in the processing of potash ores of off-balance. Considerable import-capacity are in place at the RUE "PA Belaruskali" production line-depressant agent-based integrated processing of potatoes and polyurethane screens for classification of potash ores with high wear resistance.
In the country's economy used by the Institute of import-substituting products for veterinary use, mastic for bonding silicon wafers, cleaners, compounds, coatings and compositions for metalliziruyuschie electronic industry.
Developed a highly hydrophobic compound for concrete and masonry, "Elakvablok", which is provided by consumers in industrial practice, and is used for waterproofing treatment of construction projects instead of foreign analogue «Block Inject».
The Institute carries out the international scientific and technical cooperation within the framework of direct agreements with scientific institutions in Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Germany, Austria, Poland, South Korea, South Africa, China, etc. Much attention is given to the fulfillment of contracts for research with organizations and companies of Saudi Arabia, Germany, Austria and Russia.
Preparation of highly qualified personnel in the institute through graduate school and soiskatelstvo on specialty 02.00.03 "Organic Chemistry" 02.00.04 "Physical Chemistry" and 02.00.06 "Polymer Science". At the institute has a specialized council D 01.24.01 for doctoral and master's theses.

For the achievement of high results in the performance of the main targets of socio-economic development in 2007. Institute for the winner of the national competition among institutions of science and scientific services and is listed on the National Board of Honour.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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