In accordance with the Plan of the main activities of the object subsystem of the State Emergency Service (hereinafter - SES) and Civil Defense (hereinafter - CD) on March 28, 2018 a training "Notification and collection of the senior management of the SES and CD"; staff training "Transfer of the object subsystem of the SES and CD into various degrees of readiness" and analysis of the causes of the fire in the shopping center of the city of Kemerovo (RF) were conducted in the Institute. The requirements of the regulatory and legal framework in the field of SES and CD were studied and practical exercises with the staff were conducted for organizing extinguishing of local fires, determining radioactive and chemical contamination, and providing first aid. Employees of the Institute gained practical experience in carrying out emergency evacuation at the signal "Fire training", the readiness of the system and the reality of the warning plan were checked. The training was attended by the Headquarters director of the CD of the Department of Chemistry and Earth Sciences of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Chubinsky B.N., who gave a positive assessment to the actions of the senior management.


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