Ion exchangers for air purification
V. S. Soldatov, E. G. Kosandrovich 

A review of works on sorption of different gases from the air by ion exchange resins and fibrous ion exchangers is presented. The sorption of the following gases have been considered: water vapor, ammonia, carbon and sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride and silicon tetrafluoride, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen sulfide, elemental halogens, and some others. The data on the influence of different factors on the dynamics of sorption of these substances are presented: the gas concentration, relative air humidity, acid-base strength of the functional groups of the sorbent and the sorbate, the air flow rate and thickness of the filtering layer. The filtering layers of fibrous ion exchange materials have significantly higher sorption characteristics than those of granular ion exchangers. Theoretical models allowing calculation of water sorption isotherms and sorption of gases according to acid-base mechanism (exemplified by ammonia sorption on cation exchangers) are presented. The apparatuses used in air purification by ion exchangers are described.

Original Text © Ion exchange and solvent extraction, A series of advances, Vol. 20, Edited by Arup K. Sengupta, 2011, P. 45-117 (CRC Press Taylor and Francis Group, USA).